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Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. You need to take the MIDDLE option. "Novices have no business being on that hike. The Moanalua Valley Trail isnt as popular as the Haiku Stairs themselves but it is growing in popularity and the trail can get quite busy. Future Of The Haiku Stairs Open / Closed? Our group did good timing but it was Still LONGGGG I believe I did it in 7 Hrs 45 mins (started about 5:30am - about 4 hrs or less to Get to top 9:15am, 30mins enjoying view / pics / eating 9:45am descend , arrived at my car by 1:20pm to get back took 3hr 35mins) I was beyond exhausted tho, my body was in survival mode at that point & just want to not be hiking anymore lol! We made a false start up a precarious slope and had to go back down and restart closer to the stairs. Its not quite the same experience as climbing the stairs from the bottom up, but you can still reach the Hawaii Stairway To Heaven trail at the top and go back down in either direction when youre done. There should be more information about this soon. If you have all trails just follow that! Overall, AMAZING trail with the BEST views of the island!!! It may sound dramatic but at times that is the situation. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. If you decide to bring Fido, keep him leashed. Bring water & food. Otherwise, as with many other Hawaiian hikes, closed means be prepared, respectful, and most of all, not stupid, Is anyone interested in doing the hike Tues 11/13 or Wed 11/14? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hey there! Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve (Moanalua section). Aloha! Relish in the moment and enjoy the views. Please be quiet and respectful of the local residents as you are parking, packing, and reaching the trailhead. Most accidents happen when hikers leave the established trail and disregard warning signs. Crouching Lion and Sacred Falls are other examples. Make sure you at least have the basics and you will be prepared for bad weather or any mishaps on the trail. This trail is a national and state treasure, with amazing scenery and a cool bit of history behind it. Copyright 2020 Hawaii News Now. Not runners, not tennis, etc. 29, 2020 while hiking in Hawaii as Capt. Liability is the main reason theyre closed. This hike sounds like something I would love to do. Please see J T s comments below before attempting this. Too many litterbugs on the island sadly. Im Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now. Basically, politics and money got in the way of this epic hike. Looking to hike this this week if anybody wants to go .msg insta @allispichkooo :), Aloha! It was actually easier to me than Mount Olympus , just a LOTTTTTT longer. The Moanalua trail can be muddy after rain, so check the conditions before you go. I didnt end up using mine even with the amount of rain and mud present. Wear proper shoes and bring gloves!Quite muddy Highly recommend, it was one of the best hikes I have ever done. To put it another way, THIS HIKE IS ILLEGAL. The trail will cross the stream 28 more times before the last 1/4 mile of trail. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, With alternate trails and surrounding hunting grounds, its easy for dogs to get lost. This is incorrect. Once finally at the peak youll see the Haiku Stairs Radio Tower comes into view. So windy with no microspikes, gloces. The ground can get dangerously slippery and muddy. Can see the water on both sides of the islands the further up you hike. $125.33. FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii The Air Force has identified the airman who died Tuesday while hiking in Hawaii as Capt. These are my most popular blog post and guides from the beautiful island of Oahu to help you plan your trip! Thanks for your support. Ive lived here for 33 years and yes its fricken ridiculous WHEREVER YOU GO. Id allow a good 4hrs to hike if with a group and more time if the conditions are windy or muddy. The left goes to the valley. I'm providing information that is factual instead of perpetuating a myth. FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii The Air Force has identified the airman who died Tuesday while hiking in Hawaii as Capt. If you knew anything about natural resources, you'd understand that this isn't just about respecting something that's sacred but rather protecting a watershed that provides benefits that you clearly take for granted. Thank for your continued support. Make sure you bring snacks and lots of water. Three units, staffed with nine personnel arrived on scene at 7:58 p.m. Be careful with the wind and rain on the ridge. The World Travel Guy 2023 Ironically, the general consensus is that the stairs are actually a safer and easier route to the top of the mountain. Hoomaluhia means "to make a place of peace and tranquility." This trail suits two- and four-legged hikers of most fitness levels. Do not leave trash at the summit or on the trail. Mahalo for reading this. An email message containing instructions on how to reset your password has been sent to the e-mail address listed on your account. This was one of my favorite sections of the hike and the backdrop over the shoulder gave great views of the ridge we had just hiked up. So long as you make the right turn in The Valley you can easily find your way up, assuming youre up to the effort. One of my favorite trails, with tons of side trails, pools, and ruins to explore. The road eventually turns to an unimproved road and later a narrow trail. As an affiliate, I only recommend products and services that I feel are high quality and helpful to my readers. When you make it to the sign saying Kulanaahane continue on for another few meters until you will find the pathway on your left, which leads you across the rocky riverbed. This is a beast of a hike, my friend says, as he slathers his face with sunscreen, the tinted kind that leaves streaks on your skin like war paint. The trail becomes quite adventurous with many sections becoming quite narrow and requiring a rope to pull yourself up the slippery, gravel surface. The trail was washing away. The area escorts us into a network of trails here, where the middle ridge opens up upon crossing a streambed found just after the marker for the Kulanaahane Trail. Firefighters had to comb through a wooded area and ask a hiker to shake a tree before they found the body just after noon, Fire Captain KevinMokulehua said. Nowadays, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply owns the Hawaii Haiku Stairs, and theyve repeatedly talked about the idea of tearing them down for political (liability) reasons. If you think about it there is a large number of people on 24/7 neighborhood watch and some are very angry and extreme. -2L water MINIMUM. The Oahu Stairway To Heaven was built by the US Navy in 1942, along with a radio station and giant antenna at the top of the mountain that were used to communicate with ships in the Pacific during World War II. The trail quietly opens up and were greeted with an elevated view of the valleys treetops sprawling out beneath us. Twitter: @WyattWOlson. However, dont be confused by people who tell you this is the legal way to visit the Haiku Stairs. It has about 3 times as much elevation gain and takes at least 3 times as long to climb. There is one short section of stairs that was mangled in a storm, but the damage is pretty minimal and you can pass that part without any trouble. Past Week. Microspikes are good to have to make it up/for traction. Wear spikes if you have them, makes most of the trail up the ridge line easier. Once you pass the sign and creek crossing go to the right, the trail behind the foliage, not the obvious one on the left. Parking: Park at the Moanalua Valley Park. Start hiking along the road/trail just past the bathrooms. There is a security guard at the beginning. Please explore responsibly! At minimum please wear proper hiking footwear and be prepared. The weather today is just as my friend hoped for; hes been monitoring it daily since a week out to ensure the trail will be dry and moderately windless, opportune conditions for a hike that has us teetering across razor-thin sections with steep drops on either side. (Facebook). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hi! The Moanalua Valley Trail begins at the end of the Moanalua Valley Neighborhood Park. Copyright 2023 Journey Era | Mediavine Trellis Child - Journey Era on Trellis Framework by Mediavine. Spikes and gloves definitely help but arent 100% necessary. It may never be surpassed! Word to the wise: count the crossings, but don't take them as gospel. Shortly after the 17th crossing, you should see a sign for the Kulana'ahane trail (note: Do NOT take this). Also please pack out your trash! The first 4.5 miles are perfectly legal and get you the same views as stairway (and you can walk on the stairway at the top if you want to). 00:00 01:00 Only In Your State Step 3 Take the Red Hill/Moanalua Valley exit (exit 2) and turn right on Ala Aolani Street. As soon as you veer from top of the middle ridge, roughly 2000ft from the top of the stairs, you are trespassing and can be fined for doing so. Nathan Stowell, 25, died on Sunday after falling 400 feet off a hiking trail of Hawaii's Mount Olomana. People claim the stairs are dangerous but they are a lot safer than climbing the mountains without stairs which is what people are doing to avoid breaking the law (but then they get on the stairs at the top for photos). I'd recommend doing this hike early as possible to avoid the potential crowds. Dinner and Show Tickets. Staying on the trail greatly reduces your chances of getting injured or lost. Part of being outside and in nature is the lack of rules and the BS! Generally considered a challenging route. Although extremely tempting, the hike down the Haiku Stairs is highly illegal and subject to fine, etc. Editors Note: We love hiking! Youll cross the streambed immediately and then begin to climb quickly. Legal? A helpful tool I used was to count the 4 wheel drive road crossings (ie concrete slabs) over the river bed. If its your first time on the trail and you lose sight of other hikers, take care to keep to the right once youre about two miles in, as heading left will take you to a different trail. I really hope they dont do that. Though theres no ocean view at the end,this trail is a journey through a bunch of natural beauty and history. Not only are the views out of this world, but the whole experience is just beyond awesome and unique. Despite the drop-offs, the trail is quite well protected and unless it is a very windy day you should be fine unless you have little experience on ridges or with heights. Daylenn "Moke" Pua, 17, vanished five days ago while heading to the Haiku Stairs. Anthony J. Polizzi, 31. Moanalua Valley Trail 4 0 ftHiking Trails Pearl Harbor National Memorial 13,695 2.7 miHistoric Sites Military Bases & Facilities USS Arizona Memorial 27,032 Historic Sites Cemeteries See all See what other travelers are saying JacksonJones 24 contributions Amazing Ridge Hike to the Top of the Haiku Stairs Judd Trail Mountain View is an out-and-back trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. At the beginning, a large monkeypod tree leads to the Douglas Damon house site. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Plan accordingly. FIND YOUR WAY OUTSIDE is a trademark of AllTrails, LLC. The first 2.9 miles are fairly straightforward with only 100ft of elevation each mile. After you reach the first platform, the hike flattens out quite a bit and things get much easier. We will be hiking in later June so probably drier. Its towering heights along a steep ridge could cause a sudden slip to be fatal. "One couldnt help but be in a good mood when you were around.". age 94, passed away on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at the St. John of God Retirement Center in Los Angeles, CA. Ill add a note about that in the article. "I am so proud of the leader you became and the passion with which you tackled your maintenance profession. If you don't want to do the illegal way, this way is worth it. A day after announcing his death, officials identified him as New York native and U.S. Air Force Capt. I hope it will be repaired and preserved for people to enjoy forever. Ensure that your battery is full prior to your hike. Mahalo! We won't share it with anyone else. We celebrated National Take a Hike Day (Nov. 17), with a round up of our top picks for the best hikes on the Island. They are fairly obvious when you cross over them and from the time you start there will be 17 crossings prior to the Middle Ridge Trailhead. Thanks for looking! After graduating with a journalism degree, I set off to explore the world while creating adventure travel guides featuring hikes, waterfalls, beaches & adrenaline activities. The cool, breezy path goes through a lush forest and contains seven bridges with stream fords. Also, it's a ridge..which could mean wind. We did this trail in about 6.5 hours (both of us experienced hikers) with stoping for many photos and breaks. Copyright Journey Era, 2022 | Sitemap | Privacy Policy. Whether climbing Stairway to Heaven illegally or legally via Moanalua Valley Trail, know that this hike is not for the faint of heart. While holding back any visions of being on the verge of setting foot on an old Dharma station (LOST fans, you'll understand once you're there), the 20-30 minute hike to the radio tower is full of its own challenges. I wouldnt recommend this trek if you have a big fear of heights, but most people who do the hike will agree its not nearly as bad as they expected. Gallantry: Biden presents Medal of Honor to retired Army Col. Paris Davis for his heroics in Vietnam, US to send bridge-launching vehicles for tank deployments to Ukraine in new $400M aid package, Japan complains to US over Utah senators remarks on imprisoned Navy officer, Military, VA provide troops, vets more gun safety options to help reduce suicides, Pentagon tells service members to stop displaying giant US flags at major events, K-Town Now features the latest news from the Kaiserslautern Military Community. If you have further questions about the legality of this hike, you can contact the Division of Forestry and Wildlife. Originally the stairs were built in 1942 by the U.S. Navy as a top-secret facility for transmitting radio signals to ships that were sailing in the Pacific Ocean. Now that you have made it onto the Moanalua Middle Ridge, the trail is quite easy to follow as it basically follows the ridgeline all the way up to the summit. Your e-mail address will be used to confirm your account. (Damon was the son of Bernice Pauahi Bishops husbands business partner. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. One hiker, Dale Yoshuizu, told the station that while he'd done the hike "a lot of times it makes you aware that no matter how many times you've done the hike you need to be careful. My issue is with the degradation of the endangered Elepaio habitat that exists in that valley. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. We did not have spikes or gloves and it was 100% fine, but it would have been a help especially if there has been recent rain. The final major rope section was a steep gravel wall at an aggressive angle that required you to pull yourself up with the rope. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @mike.karas or email me at if youd like to join or like gear for the hike I have plenty of microspikes and gloves. Be advised that if you need emergency services you will be billed for the rescue equipment usage and personnel time. Submitting this form below will send a message to your email with a link to change your password. Thanks Billie! Puu Keahi a Kahoe is the end of this trail, but symbolically it serves as a beginningit marks the start of the ahupuaa(land division) of Kaneohe. The path is quite wide and at many points there are forks in the road which come back to the same point after about 20 yards. The first 2.9 miles are fairly straightforward with only 100ft of elevation each mile. For safety. A headlamp, rain jacket, and good hiking boots or shoes are the three main pieces of gear you need. We did the Uncle Toms Trail in Yellowstone and for me that was one of the best little adventures Ive done. She was . This is classic government stupidity for you tax people to build them, tax more to fix them, then tax to take them out because they are dangerous when actually they are much safer than no stairs. The Associated Press contributed to this report. There were plans to remove the stairs, but theres also been a lot of pushback from Hawaii locals wanting to keep the stairs. The sounds of the cars on the H3 highway below you gradually disappear, and everything starts to get quiet. Anthony Polizzi, Col. Dan Dobbels, commander of the 15th Wing, said in the statement. It has some sections of nearly vertical, rope and muddy sections. We did run into a few people who had gotten lost at the start though. Check out their website and consider donating if youre a fan. I noticed families on the trail, along with babies being carried by their parents. In this web series,we bring you our favorite Oahu trails once a month. It was gorgeous & worth all the aches later lol. Firefighters hiked up the trail and made contact with the woman at 10:12 p.m., and determined both hikers were uninjured so, it was decided to escort the hikers on foot. Stowell's body was found roughly 400 feet below the hiking trail, where he was pronounced dead. As someone who grew up in a nearby neighborhood in the 80s and still has a good family friend that lives IN the Haiku stairs neighborhood Ill tell you one thing hiking blogs and social media posts dont seem to mention the history of bad behavior from young, disrespectful hikers who arrive at 4am, dont even try to keep their noise levels down, cut through the backyards of residents, and use residents hoses to rinse off after hiking the stairway. I'm also attempting to educate people about how this place is being overrun by people who want to experience nature but are doing so at the cost of nature and for what? For a complete list of LEGAL State Trails, please visit Lastly, guided hikes and other commercial activity being conducted inside Moanalua valley are illegal. from. Ive done the Hawaii Haiku Stairs hike several times now, and even after traveling in many countries, its still probably my favorite trek in the world. All water should be . 804. Though the trail is not particularly hilly, it is also not paved and there are muddy spots that should be approached with caution. I also didnt get enough sleep dont be like me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Regular athletic shoes will not do the job. It is open 7A-7P but I started my hike at 6:15A and the gate was open. Haiku Stairs Map How might someone prepare to hike Stairway to Heaven? Distress hikers rescued off Moanalua Valley Trail Friday evening By KITV4 Web Staff Mar 19, 2022 0 HONOLULU (KITV4) - Honolulu Fire received an emergency 911 call about hikers in distress on.

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