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A gas strut cross reference chart is very useful if you want to replace a gas spring. For more information go to, Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Sitemap, Copyright 2023 Lift Supports Depot - All rights Reserved, Look for our EXPRESS SHIPPING ICON for items that qualify for, 13.64'' Stabilus 5B-763867 Lift Support | 5B-763867-W, 20.20'' Stabilus 4B-737350 Lift Support | 4B-737350-W, Stabilus 4B-739749 Lift Support | 4B-739749-W, 15.10'' Stabilus 5B-678079 Lift Support | 5B-678079-W, 10.00'' Stabilus 5B-5171KB Lift Support | 5B-5171KB-W, 10.82'' Lift Supports Depot SE108P76 Lift Support | SE108P76-W, 17.58'' Stabilus 4B-755514 Lift Support | 4B-755514-W, 17.74'' Stabilus 4B-963687 Lift Support | 4B-963687-W, 18.54'' Stabilus 4B-460093-942 Lift Support | 4B-460093-942-W, Stabilus 739749-740227 Lift Support | 739749-740227-W, 24.60'' Stabilus 3B-6512AJ Lift Support | 3B-6512AJ-W, 24.80'' Stabilus 3B-6371IO Lift Support | 3B-6371IO-W, Standard Eyelet End Fitting Lift Supports, 10mm Stainless Steel Ball Stud Mounting Hardware, 13mm Stainless Steel Ball Stud Mounting Hardware. The 90.60 force models (1.5 ton, 3 ton) are offered in metric stoke lengths while the 90.60N force models (0.5 ton, 0.75 ton) are offered in inch stroke lengths. 0000552946 00000 n We can help you find the right gas spring. Gas springs consist of a pressure tube and a piston rod with a piston unit. 0000154703 00000 n With our wide variety, we can often find a gas spring in stock that matches the one you are looking for, or comes very close. 90.60/90.60N Series complies with Nissan die standards. The force required to move the spring begins at zero and increases according to the spring rate. gas spring cross reference chart gas spring company colmar pa gas strut co colmar pa 2-199 Pieces $7.00 200-1999 Pieces $2.50 2000-19999 Pieces $1.70 >=20000 Pieces $1.20 Load Type: compression TORSION EXTENSION Gas Load Capacity: 90LB 100LB 44LB 40LB 50LB 7LB 55lb 85LB 22LB 20LB 10LB 25LB Wire gauge: 23 $ + 19 $ + 16 $ + All 7 Options Samples: SUSPA is a very innovative producer of gas springs (gas pressure dampers, gas pressure springs), hydraulic dampers, friction dampers (vibration dampers), lifting columns, piston rods, crash management and safety systems as well as complex drives and actuators. 0000118058 00000 n Each SMS and SMS-i is constructed to individual customer specifications then tested and shipped leak-free, ready to install. 0000355092 00000 n You will find various replacement gas springs (also known as gas struts) for different brands such as Airac Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat, Suspa Liftline and many more. High force and low profile, U Series springs are perfect for stampers limited by shut height. 0000041613 00000 n Resolve nitrogen gas spring contamination problems with DADCOs Extreme Condition Solutions. 0000549486 00000 n 284 0 obj <>stream You can easily search by type or article number on our website by using the replacement tool. They take care of the controlled movement sequence and offer the following advantages: Simple installation All Rights Reserved. The door used to come down unexpectedly on whomever was unfortunate enough to be standing under it. NDAzOWRjM2VlYzA4MzM2NmU1MWEzODFhZDQ4ZDJjNTA3ZWE4MTQ1YTc1OWNi The UH Series features a square bottom groove and ISO standard mount pattern. You only need one spring Yes, but your door is likely to twist with one spring. The suspension comfort of a pneumatic spring can be determined as needed and for the respective task. 0000240326 00000 n SPD Gas Springs Cross Reference (not made by SPD) These gas springs are not designed, manufactured, and/or supplied by SPD. By far the best deal on hatch struts on the Net! When designing a Gas Spring one must allow for between 1% and 2% force loss per year, and understand the force variation due to temperature.. Brackets Ball stud kits; includes nuts and washers in two sizes 10 mm & 13 mm SA3000, SA3001 Important facts to remember: Gas springs can not always be compressed by hand. Install new lift supports in the same The gas spring as you need it! 0000156723 00000 n Category. Now that you know the extended length and force go to the categories below and determine the right Maxum part for your application. Our companys goal is to provide a simple, service-oriented solution to the challenge of finding the right replacement automotive struts for your vehicle. If you have no idea what kind of gas spring you need for your application, please use our gas strut calculator. Linked operation of the SCS.4300 is easily achieved with the use of DADCOs new 90.50.4300 mount. A gas spring cross reference chart is very useful if you want to replace a gas spring. The ability to have a controlled rate of extension is another major difference. Available in nine force models (from .4 ton to 18 ton) this series can suit a variety of well-designed die applications. The 90.8 Series is a compact-height alternative, saving 25 mm to 50 mm in height over the 90.10 Series. This is the length of the spring with no force applied. When I checked the weather for the location in which their web site said it was the skies were clear and no rain in the forecast (must have been too much heat). 0000283464 00000 n 0000560129 00000 n Thanks Lou !! 0000158277 00000 n 0000003099 00000 n You see the dimensions. We can cross-reference others gas springs with our corresponding product line. Search input switches are available for area is gas spring cross reference chart for next. Force PART NUMBER: GSS 1143UB $38.12 Each SUSPA gas spring is manufactured with a specific quantity of oil, which serves both as a lubricant and damping medium. This series consists of seven force models (from 0.7 ton to 22 tons), can be operated self-contained or in a linked system and uses the same comprehensive assortment of attachable mounts, welded mounts and accessories as the 90.10 and 90.8 Series. Last but not least, we offer a Limited 5 year warranty for many of our gas struts, so you can shop with total confidence. 0000115765 00000 n 0000284825 00000 n To further assist in linked system design use the DADCO Design Calculatorsto determine your system force and pressure rise. Another significant difference is the spring rate. Dynamic Damped Gas Springs (VMX) -Dynamic dampening is available on AVMs full range of Gas Springs. 0000000016 00000 n 0000560088 00000 n Each gas spring also contains a specific amount of oil, which lubricates the seal, piston and piston rod. 0000016837 00000 n <]>> The only delay that was encountered was on the side of UPS and of course they blamed it on the weather. Example: 0125N Multiply this amount by 0.2248 to determine the force in pounds. Register| View Specifications, Off the Shelf Gas Springs -While AVM Industries is a Build To Order Manufacturer, we do offer a Standard Line of Gas Springs that we have Material more readily available and can be manufactured with a reduced lead time. trailer The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 90.5B2 Series is slightly shorter than the full height/ISO standard and is a direct replacement for the obsolete 90.5B Series. UT Series springs comply with the Toyota Standard (SMS DNH 3203n) and feature a radius bottom groove, metric mount pattern and come standard with a G 1/8 port. 0000017102 00000 n We know its essential to get your lift supports and gas struts as quickly as possible. ZWNiOTc4ZDc1ZjRkYzc1NDMyYWU5NDVkZDg5NmY2NThkYWNhZmM0ODk3NTBl We pride ourselves on our quality parts and work hard to ensure you get nothing but the best. l& ri%.:ZMXdd LsaX)6LD0fb,(#.L,Kh#Mll~f4fg`)`feh6BXSUf-Cd>CC7>+ )[D8Fc ^LrK33RvC-CwBF93d(tga?_0v1p30H03dh"wB Mechanical springs do not have this ability. Our cross reference guide will be available soon. 0000013813 00000 n Micro gas springs are available in two upgrades: H1 Models for applications up to 110C (230F) or H2 Models for applications from 110C 200C (230F 392F). By using this website, you accept our privacy policy. We stock more than 6,000 lift supports, parts, and accessories for your vehicles and other applications. 0000159418 00000 n Customized linked nitrogen gas spring mounting systems are available as an alternative to manifold systems: Sectional Mounting System (SMS) and Sectional Mounting System Internal (SMS-i). 0000053938 00000 n Nitrogen Gas Springs. Global Rank. I highly recommend this retailer. xb``a`QA,=@MAk>1iBMi@2 SUSPA gas springs offer comfort and safety in many applications. Thanks to the valve, we can adjust the pressure in the gas spring in such a way that the pressure of the gas spring matches the pressure of your application (for instance: the lid of a toy box or a hatch) or the gas spring that you want to replace. Please fill in (a part of) the article number, provide as much information as you can and let us help you find a match. NmNjODRlNTBlZjIwODVlY2UwZTJkMzQyZDBmMmQ5M2MwNzAwMTQ3MjI4ODc1 The goal is the same with either type of spring; to move or resist the movement of some object. This series is available in five force models (from 0.75 ton to 7.5 ton). View Specifications, Temperature Compensation (TCM) -Temperature plays a big part with Gas Springs. Please provide as much information as you can on the form to the right. If you dont see exactly what you need, just ask. Box 1495 0000549652 00000 n 0000004406 00000 n Need a replacement ? It is filled with nitrogen, which, under constant pressure, acts on piston cross sections of different sizes, creating a force in the extension direction. Your first choice partner in advanced motion-control solutions with the unique product portfolio of its segment experts. Featuring the UltraPak cartridge, this series utilizes the established U Series technology but is 4-14 mm taller. Contact them today to get started. 0000005389 00000 n Hl TTAc2H" S%. Determine the force required in pounds. ZmMzYWFmNWE3OThiMjczZGUzODk2YWU1YjcwOTZjNTEzNmNjYzRlNDM4ZThi The gas springs, also called gas pressure springs, gas dampers or gas pressure dampers, will solve your individual requirements for opening, closing, tilting and damping flaps, tables, seats or loungers thanks to our decades of experience. ]uu%b%3/:\'YG`+z/yG.7\S~>rI#}:t/PhBh;2MtC=x'G<9N&>u#tZ%^1KTxw Z\60u#S&&:3hoxqIxkWor_vb$Z=, To further assist our customers with product selection and design, we provide an online catalog with complete dimensional, mounting and accessory information with downloadable CAD models. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and want to make sure you are satisfied. The patented 90.10RX Series reduces overall impact force during operation. Privacy Policy| Extended rod guidance provides side load resistance and is available in 15 80 mm stroke lengths. the company that produced my flush mount tonneau has long since gone out of business.I had no way to keep then tonneau up at shows unless i propped it up with a cut down broom handle (looked bad) thanks to your extensive cross reference list I was not only able to get a replacement set of struts, but also able to step up 10 lbs each side to help hold it up in the Kansas wind at shows..I have attached a pic of the truck so you can see and will defiantly be back for any other struts I need. Those standard sizes are up to 200, 450, 800, 1250, 2500 and 5000N with threads of M3.5, M5, M8, M10 and M14. Gas spring size chart Our gas springs are available in different sizes. Available in four force models (3 ton to 10 ton) this series utilizes a robust design and the same comprehensive assortment of attachable mounts, welded mounts and accessories as the 90.10 Series. 0000285042 00000 n Order now and experience it yourself! Your gas spring may have a specified force in Newtons. A Gas Spring is an energy-storage device similar in function to mechanical coil springs. 0000284507 00000 n Spring Operational Requirements Upload a sketch or technical drawing or photo This is critical to fully describe spring and door positions. The gas springs, also called gas pressure springs, gas dampers or gas pressure dampers, will solve your individual requirements for opening, closing, tilting and damping flaps, tables, seats or loungers thanks to our decades of experience. We can also help with industrial replacement gas springs, including gas props, gas dampers, gas lifts, and lift struts. MjBkZTlhZGE0NTcwYTQzNmRhNzYwMGVkOTQzMGY2YzY2MGIzMTI1ZTg1OGVj Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. Check out all information about our gas struts or order online directly. 0000009207 00000 n 0000282759 00000 n 0000278575 00000 n Correspondingly, the effect of transverse forces acting on the gas springs should be avoided in general. With Lous recommended replacement shocks, I can almost do chin ups on the open door. These options are designed for applications where draw die compounds and other contaminants are present. 0000285808 00000 n If the extension force is lower, then the piston rod retracts. The spring rate for a gas cylinder, as the illus-tration (below) shows, is far less than for any mechanical spring. 0000157100 00000 n Let us know how the samples worked in your application. 0000019154 00000 n A gas spring, also known as a gas strut, is a type of spring that, unlike a typical mechanical spring that relies on elastic deformation, uses compressed gas contained within an enclosed cylinder sealed by a sliding piston to pneumatically store potential energy and withstand external force applied parallel to the direction of the piston shaft.. Common applications include automobiles (where . Check the calculated products and order by clicking the Shopping Cart-button. A 10 lb door requires a 10 lb force spring to counterbalance rarely true! 0000285458 00000 n 0000014017 00000 n Mechanical coil springs store energy by straining the material composing the spring. The tension springs we offer are up to 350N with a M5 thread or up to 1200N with a 8M thread. 0000003199 00000 n Gas Springs can provide a rate of extension (controlled release of the stored energy) that can be set to a prescribed velocity. Here you can search for KALLER Gas Spring equivalents when you know the other brand's gas spring information. 0000115849 00000 n 0000005536 00000 n Ideal for stampers of small parts, these extremely popular springs are durable and conveniently available in three force models (0.3 ton, 0.5 ton, 0.75 ton). 0000022989 00000 n This new compact spring provides up to four tons of force on contact, the most tonnage we offer in a 75 mm diameter body. 1,860$ #gas prices near me #gasbuddy gas prices #gasbuddy ohio gas prices #gas prices in ohio #pennsylvania gas prices The Lip Seals used in our Gas Springs are ideal for general use and in particular, for high-frequency applications. hbbd``b`@($Xw+`$z2012Nc`$p+@ 0 YWIyNWEwYmE2YTZhN2QyY2E3NzVmYTU0NDMyYzYyZTJjMmJjYzc5YzYwZDY2 SUSPA is a development and system partner for technically complex applications in . We have a database for thousands of cross reference part numbers. A larger piston rod diameter should be chosen for extremely long strokes paired with high extension forces. For this purpose, a longitudinal groove is provided in the pipe, which allows for a positionally-independent damping of the gas spring. NPL Mid-height gas springs that meet most of the ISO 11901 standard. Featuring the UltraPak cartridge this series is available in five force models (1.0 ton to 10.7 ton). Select part number that most closely matches information from specification chart, page 3. The more information the better. These compact gas springs feature a radius bottom groove, metric mount patterns and G 1/8 port. For over 15 years, weve built a database containing information about each and every part in our extensive inventory. Custom charged gas springs cannot be returned. 0000122419 00000 n 0000005487 00000 n , Provide Guden with a some information on the form below. NGJiOTk0MzE4NzhjZjdmM2NkZWYwZmM1YWNlMDdiYjhlYmM1NmZjMzE5Njdl -----END REPORT-----. 0125N x 0.2248 = 28.1 Lbs In this case you should round up to 30 Lbs. Choose from the following gas spring upgrades: Secondary Wiper, Rod Cover, or Plated Cylinder with Secondary Wiper; all can be used in conjunction with our stainless steel fittings and control panels for corrosion resistant linked operation. This ensures the hermetic sealing of the interior with low friction, even under extreme environmental conditions. Relatively higher oil quantities increase damping and also increase the extended-to compressed force Ratio. Do not puncture or incinerate. Rank in 1 month. In addition to automotive parts, we feature lift supports, parts, and accessories for lawn mowers, tool boxes, toy boxes, attic doors, concession stands, aircraft storage doors, tanning beds, and various industrial applications. NzRjNjRmYTFkOGJmNGQ1ZTcxZDg0NjQwYzBiNDFiNjdhMGYyZWEzMGE5Yzg2 To cross reference a gas spring on our site, please do the following: Determine the extended length of your gas spring. ZGE1NjU5ZGY1MDcyM2Q2YzRhOWZiM2M5Nzc1YjQyYmMwNzg4YTdhNDE1YTJj Typically for Gas Springs, the object to be moved is an engine cover, access panel or even a hospital bed. Attwood Gas Springs Cross Reference (not made by Attwood) - Lucid Gas Springs Los Alamitos, Ca. Our customers have used these gas springs to replace gas springs supplied by SPD. OTIxZjMzNTE0N2Q1ZTNiZWYxZWQ2YjgxMDQ3MWMxNzRlZjlkY2Y4MzVjYjQ1 0000330553 00000 n endstream endobj startxref The NPL is 25mm - 50mm shorter than NP. Determine the extended length of your gas spring. All positions are indicated as if the closed door is laying along the x axis, as shown in the image. 0000004602 00000 n I am very, very pleased with Mr. Lous Stuff. C*zW|p| z|#K0QK7&H:r!G~\pwsbO Then youve come to the right address. We will quickly provide you with our suggestion for a gas spring and suggest some mounting points for your testing. Engineered to comply with global industry specification standards, ournitrogen gas springsexceed all industry standards for quality, making them: View the conversion chart or let the experts at Special Springs assist with your project requirements. After finding the right product, you choose the force and the amount. If you find no results, you can always try to put together a suitable gas spring using our gas strut configurator. For qualifying orders over $29 (not including shipping or tax), customers receive free shipping. Thats the Lift Supports Depot difference. 0000285224 00000 n This dimension is measured from the center of one end fitting to the other. NGZlZjUyYzNkNjg1NWIxYmQ3MTc4OGQ1YmEwMDhjMTI0OTJiNTk1ZmExZmIw Mechanical coil springs store energy by straining the material composing the spring. Here is our ranking! With our wide variety, we can often find a gas spring in stock that matches the online you are looking for, or comes very close. If desired, the damping can also occur dynamically. Frequent special offers and discounts up to 70% off for all products! The standard front bushing is replaced with a powdered metal design and all of the internal plastic components are made with a Thermo-set material. This is achieved by depressing a control pin, inside the shaft, that actuates a valve inside the assembly. 0000120063 00000 n This force can range from 15 to 1,000 pounds. I have been searching for about a month now for my 98 Integra. 0000002636 00000 n This is our special offer, as most other providers give you 1 year at most. Special Springs, LLC North America 7707 Ronda Drive, Canton Michigan 48187 USA. My parts shipped the same day as I ordered them. We even carry the hard-to-find parts for most Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lotus, and Porsche models. T2 Mini The seal provides superior durability in dirty, wet environments over a standard lip seal but does require a more complex manufacturing process. Search below for the exact Extended Length and Force you need. Our products top the industry in craftsmanship and innovation. Carbon Steel Gas Springs; Stainless Steel Gas Springs; Tension Gas Springs; Welded Eyelet Gas Springs; Brackets & Mounts; Gas Spring End Fittings; Imprint| 0000041279 00000 n The U.0400-U.20000 models incorporate DADCOs exclusive UltraPak cartridge technology; a superior bearing and seal providing excellent wear characteristics that extend gas spring life. NjdhMjM2YjE1MmQwYzlkZTRkYjQ4MjQ1MTBiOTcyOWE1MGZjY2I1OWE3ZDZk The four force models (0.5 ton to 3.2 ton) are completely serviceable and have a side port allowing for easy pressure adjustment, charging or linked operation using DADCOs exclusive MiniLINK fitting system. SPD Gas Springs Cross Reference SPD Gas Springs Cross Reference (not made by SPD) These gas springs are not designed, manufactured, and/or supplied by SPD.

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