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The weird behavior (laughing and joking in the shooting reenactment), bullets found at her home and the constant changing of her story only is icing on her guilty cake. Steve Downs was the husband of the infamous child killer, Diane Downs. I didnt know that. The absence of the gun or gun powder residues on Diane is fact. It is not my point. There is only one major problem with your scenario. I removed the dumb and crass part of your comment. Maybe I'm dramatic but I no longer want to watch it . Now in hindsight, seeing footage on youtube, especially the interview she did with the reporter Anne Jagger, the things she says and facial expression is exactly described in the bookhad to find the section in the book, but on that note, Anne rule did site that interview correctly. The DA adopting the children is an integral part of this and definitely needs to be included in the blog. I know several people who know or knew both of the surviving children as well as Diane. more on crime HEARTBREAKING FIND The Office star's sister-in-law found dead 11 days after going missing 'DISGUSTING' Diane had moved to Oregon only 6 weeks before the tragedy to work in the area and have her parents spend time with the kids. I think you may be right that she is likely still locked up due to her diagnoses of antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic, but again, no one would care and this crappy diagnosis wouldnt have been bought and paid for if not the high profile nature of the case. In reality,the whole caseturned out to beno small sacrifice for Diane Downs, but it was a huge victory for the State, the media anda very lucrative deal for theQueen of crime fiction herself; Ann Rule. Steve knew Danny was not his biological child and left Downs. They are still part of their birth family. In 1991, David Brewer, a juror who deliberated Dianes fate in her 1984 trial, came forward to say he and another juror had decided to acquit Downs by the close of the States presentation. Maybe that her mom was obviously not well after spending her life in prison so it would have been a good idea to meet the Downss family quietly and get the jest of it. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader sparked a romantic relationship with Howey and shortly after her career took off with a little help from the Something Borrowed actor's father, who was an. Downs went on trial on Jan. 12 for a rape and murder that happened in 1993, when he . Not exclusively a USA trait, this happens also in many countries, but in a technologically advanced superpower like USA this attitude is more shocking, and maybe also more worldwide spread. 1st, you came back from a trip? The jury verdict was guilty on all counts, but there was a mixture of votes. They finally charged her and she did 10 years for the death of her children. Because she had driven that area for years for her work. RAISING THE BAR BUT CERTAINLY NOT IN ARIZONA, http://www.glamour.com/story/i-found-out-my-mother-was-a-killer-the-rebecca-babcock-story, http://www.manipulatedtrial.de/oregon_s_small_sacrifices_1603.pdf, http://www.salem-news.com/articles/july152013/midnight-med-tb-2.php, http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v09/n364/a03.html, http://www.philly.com/inquirer/opinion/20080910_Prison-happy_U_S__must_reconsider_use_of_mercy.html, http://sputniknews.com/us/20150620/1023613662.html#ixzz3djEXlSAC, http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_prison_state_of_america_20141228, https://www.google.com/search?q=diane+downs+with+christie+cheryl+and+danny&sxsrf=ACYBGNQDEM3XNQjZXlqNQpYLhZCn7ic5iw:1576689995166&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjNuNT427_mAhUcJTQIHbveBMIQ_AUoAXoECA4QAw&biw=1024&bih=462#imgrc=gQkU10UxNhHn_M, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPLkIcSzftE&ab_channel=DianeDownsArchives, Say Her Name But Spell It Right The Tale of Breonna Taylor, And Justice For All The Watts Family Murders, Babe in the Woods & Big Country The Murder of Nicole Vanderheyden, Colonel Russell Williams Where Have You Been? Was that Annes fault as well? Become TUKO.co.ke ambassador get a branded T-shirt, hoodie or water bottle at our TUKO Shop! No excuse there. This was all logged in Christies hospital reports and is found in the Appendix of the petition filed in Federal Court in 1996 in the section Hospital Reports. And according to the law, she should have been released by now, independently of what she says or not. But the birth of little Danny did not make this bad boy change his stripes; he remained a cad and a destabilizing force in their lives. Why did CK shoot the kids multiple times and DD once? DA Pat Horton declared early in the game to the local paper that the search for the bearded stranger was not very high on their priority list.. Ann Rule has always been sensationalist, and her books were almost unreadable at the end of her publishing days. Except for Paul Cortez. People tend to forget that the group of young women hanging out with Manson were deeply engaged in serious drug use and totally out of their mind at the time. She even provided the police with her own sketch. Not that Dianes mental health was not a factor in her letter, but it was definitely taken out of context in some instances. The courts were divided in the 80s, family court, traffic court, criminal court, juvenile court I dont believe they ran out of judges to preside over them all. 20/20s coverage of Diane Downs and the actions that led her to be sentenced to life in prison is a good portrayal of what really happened. Diane was instructed to reenact her response to the attacker who murdered her daughter. I cannot be more transparent than that and integrity was one of the missing pieces of the entire case. I agree. Id have more influence arguing for better relationships with Mexico at a Donald Trump rally in Mexico. The incident left Cheryl dead, Danny paralyzed from the waist down, and Christie suffering from a stroke that affected her speech. James C. Jagger who was hired by Dianes father was an ex-Prosecutor. May be the guy who says he did it. It was flawed. My problem with the circumstances surrounding the crimes against these innocent children is that they were twisted by the media. Nobody near to help. answer the question why didn t steve downs get custody, which will help you get the most accurate answer. The interpretation of blood splatter is different than no blood splatter. Isnt is odd how something we are exposed to as children can stick in our memory? Steve Downs' wife had become ignorant of her children and often left them with her parents or ex-husband. Her ex-husband has been of great interest, considering his absence from the media despite the case getting significant attention. He was very irresponsible and probably could not handle them financially and emotionally. Not an easy situation for him as I would imagine. Hugi didnt rush in and take the kids, he had time to consider. You have that part absolutely right, so why was this protocol ignored? This was ridiculed countless times in the media, but frankly, it can be a very honorable endeavor, depending onhow you want to look at it. That disinformation was alleged by Mr. Hugi the third day into Jim Jaggers defense and it was never objected to by Mr. Jagger . Belli filed a motion for a 2-week extension to familiarize himself with the case because he had to be in Italy, and declared Diane innocent in a press conference, but Foote denied the motion and declared you have an attorney, use him.. Mr. Removing the children from her and presiding over her criminal trial? Foster Carers says either Australia or England to me. All the years in prison probably made her way more disturbed than she ever was. They were in a group home and he was getting unsupervised visitation with them. These women did not show emotions and did not fold when asked to. Melvin Belli How things could have been different. Diane was cooked the minute she walked in that courtroom. If she was the shooter, it had to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But to convince this young and vulnerable girl to turn on her mother, they needed to isolate her from her family and work relentlessly on her confession.. They met for the first time in Moon Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona. On May 30, 1983, the McKenzie-Willamette Hospital Chaplain told Dianes father to hire an attorney because the State was going to take his grandchildren away. As a married man, the ball was in his court and he decided togo forit. And on this site, I mention that I take a restorative approach. She should have had the lawyer of her choice and if they wanted to charge her with the crimes, they should have stuck with what evidence and circumstances they had. woman quot~ unquote, do you remember anything like that? These are no facts its partial truths and conjecture. Celebrity Author Covers Case Ann Rule wrote 'Small Sacrifices,' later released as a movie. Nuts maybe, but not threatening. Doing it without witnesses when she was so sick is underhanded. We already know that. There were days she was unhappy to see the staff and her family because she was very ill. That poor girl had a lot of bad moments where she would cry constantly or trigger the machines and to have defined this single incident as one of terror instead of excitement over seeing her mom was biased and self-serving. Ive been trying to decipher her handwriting on the couple of pages she wrote to her daughter (misquoted on here somewhere is a highlighted If you love your little boy, youll take him far away from here- why is this being taken as a threat and not a warning?!). A fair trial is a right in this country, not a judicial suggestion. The underlying basis of this article. Unfortunately couldnt really do anything at that point, as the movie was not VHS yet, it only aired that oncein late 89. It goes on and on. I couldnt get my hands on the book nor find anything in librariesso basically it was many years later I dove into knowing more about this case, that kinda haunted me. Yes, Im sure this stranger wanted to kill her kids but only wound her, who, coincidentally, had a towel handy neatly folded on her wound. It is not, nor should be, a Conflict of Interest for a caring adult to Foster one or more siblings. In fact, if appropriate family is found, termination is not required. I am not sure. You simply are a rude individual looking for a reaction. And this makes many people wonder about his whereabouts. He knows as he was in court and must have photos. And if you claim your innocence, it obviously creates a vicious circle of not showing contrition. Why didnt they mention that he said a bad man and whatever else in his condition when they knew it was not possible? Lets not forget that she was presumed to have fired a gun 6 times at close range within the confines of a small car. They were traumatized and needed familiar faces to feel safe. I do not have to state anything at the beginning of the blog. I just tried to find a video or article about Hugi and I only get the one or two that I already have. It sounds like Diane was trying to tell her to stay away from bad influences. Who is Elizabeth Diane Downs, Steve Downs ex-wife? They were put in an impossible situation. In addition, the children were suffering life-changing physical and mental trauma, which would take years to heal. But for what it is worth, I believe she tried to kill her 3 kids. You were not there and one thing I have learned about high profile cases, is that you cannot always believe what the media, biased detectives and Ann Rule have to say. Now if the shooter was this James Haynes guy, someone who apparently Diane Downs knew from buying drugs, then that would explain why she stopped in the middle of that road. So they did everything in their power to slant the media and the public in their favor. Do you remember a couple of days after that, December It was such a high profile case and she was found guilty by the media and the court so people are afraid to touch this one. There have many times children have had to testify against their parents so the fact that many cant believe it was ever allowed should honestly research more. This is a more common route for children with parents who are incarcerated for what looks to be the entire childhood of the children. 6. There is also a recording where she says that she had no idea who shot them. Danny and Christie survived the attack while middle child, Cheryl, died from her injuries at the time. This is also what the state did to her. She did diagnose her as suffering from cyclothymic disorder and treated her accordingly. But the fact that the prosecutor called her a deviant sociopath in court without any assessment became another nail in her coffin. We, who watched her parole hearing a few years ago prayed HARD that she wouldnt be set free, know she is guilty. and so on. I enjoyed your take, and agree their are several reasons with this, and lets be honestevery other case ever prosecuted, to take pause and question but Diane continues to lie, make up brand new stories about people after her, and has made no moves to better herself in any way shape or form while shes been in prison, by her own admission. It became more about despising Diane Downs than investigating fairly. A slightly humorous observation is that you said, and others have, that James Haynes physically resembled the sketch.. Christie NEVER said she didnt know who did it she was just unwilling or afraid to tell on her mother. She had the right to a fair trial as much as anyone else out there. She has come a long way. She states, I did not shoot my children and I cant say I did. During his travels, he visited prisons and spoke against this type of barbarism because his father was imprisoned for a debt of 40 pounds and 10 shillings when he was twelve years. People can have a certain vibe and act out of the norms, but it does not make them necessarily guilty. As a result, joint legal custody which means parents share in the decision-making 1 is becoming the default decision in many family court systems. 0. The powers that be knew they had nothing on Diane so Christie became their sacrificial lamb: opinion, not fact It seems that a lot of what was written down never came up during testimony and some nurses even strayed from the original content. It was also said at trial that the shooter would have been left handed, which was not the case for Diane. Aint no one gonna tarnish my guys lol. Since he was in possession of a similar gun, he was a suspect as well, but, when the ballistics did not match, Diane Downs quickly became the prime suspect. There was no question in Dianes mind that Knick would take another mistress if she married him, and that hed move on again. Rule made up stories to sell books and the rights to a movie. They are now leading their private lives as adults. She waseighteen and soon realized that she had jumped from the fire into the frying pan. I will take a screen shot of the sketch. I worked for county government child welfare for a decade. I agree. Andthe DA adopted her other two children. She was extremely intelligent but her emotional IQ was no match and her desire for freedom, love and affection were dangerously dragging her down a path of self-destruction. Steve Downs had allegedly stolen this gun from a friend named Billy Proctor, but after it was found and the ballistics did not match, Bill suddenly remembered keeping it only for a day before exchanging it for another Ruger automatic at a gun show in Mesa; which now meant that the gun that Diane allegedly used to shoot herself and the children, was still apparently nowhere to be found. The very suspicious aspect of this ballistic saga is that Hugi said they had the bill of sale and serial number for the first Ruger and it was definitely the murder weapon. The detective said to leave that up to the police. They already had made up their mind that Diane was the perpetrator so they laughed off the idea of the bushy haired stranger. The problem was that they could not find the gun anywhere and they had nothing on Diane. I watched the paroles hearing in 08, was lucky to find it, it was streamed live at the timemy sister, who is a whiz with computers, found it for me. No. I dont know how familiar she was with the area, but I do not think that it matters anyway. Its tiresome. She repeated it years later at school. I worked for county child welfare services in Colorado for a decade. Steve and Diane had three children, Danny, Cheryl, and Christie Ann. As for how to answer this question,,, seems like he is assuming guilt and because of this my parents or me or my brothers and sister, our uncles and aunts were not considered because of an unproven allegation Does he truly believe this is ok??? But you told Diane Downs to go ahead and get an apartment? danny also said a cartoon character shot themalso he was SHOT IN THE BACK how could he see the shooter????????? If it was not such a high profile case, Diane Downs would have been paroled a long time ago: speculative, Ill stop there. Yes, isnt it shocking that some people would voice that a faulty investigation does not matter? Now she claims she was dating an FBI agent at the time, was holding some top secret pictures for him, and she was on the road to meet someone to pass them off, at the instruction of her FBI boyfriend. Tis why at 10 years old I was hearing about this case in Ohio, and family members talked about it around me.it hit with great force that way. Strange how Jagger is pretty absent too except for the few photos where he is wrongly identified as Hugi. Why was no one in the family given the right to adopt them. The scene described in Small Sacrifices with little Christie hooked up to a machine and her pulse accelerates because she is terrified ofher mother is doubtful and subject to interpretation. Don't get butt hurt. Clearly the social workers were working with the DAs office and taking advice on best interest of the children from them. But the guy who said to several people that he was the shooter happens to resemble the sketch they came up with at the time for a reason. This case needed to be examined more thoroughly, but the mob mentality didnt allow it. Ive not seen the movie or read the book. Regina, I love your comment! She knew that Knickerbocker hated trouble of any kind, and thathe would have never come back to her after an ugly shooting where she had been wounded and her kids damaged. Additionally, homicide or assault victims shot by someone else can test positive for GSR. So obviously, she was the prime suspect. What man has ever publicly revered a former secret mistress? LMFAO!!!! She met Robert "Nick" Knickerbocker and started having a relationship with him earlier. But there is forensic evidence pointing to Diane Downs. Steve Bannon won't be detained before trial on charges of contempt of Congress after he failed to comply with subpoenas from the House committee investigating January 6. Mind: Wrongful convicted. I must humbly admit that I had not questioned the facts of the case before readily accepting this image of Diane as a cold blooded killer. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Mostly, because it was poorly investigated and they focused on Diane solely the minute they met her. I am sorry the meaning of nonsense evades you like the facts of the case in this instance. It was a harrowing, shameful miscarriage of justice. I then question how she would not have blood splatter if she shot them inside the car at close range. A reader told me that I should have a website with all the comments. The question is of course, how can we determine guilt or innocence without a fair trial? Her arm was severely damaged, so shattered that she needed a graft from a hip bone. It did not matter that they had no evidence; they did not like her attitude and she was going to pay for it. Like in their movies. She attacked her husband and ripped his neck open in a jealous rage (Appendix 81, page 1520), tearing from his neck the gold chain he still wore from his first marriage (a gift from his first wife). Why am I not arguing the facts of the trial? Their goal was to make Dian look crazy, because sane people dont shoot their children. Page 6 of Case History. You make an interesting observation when you say: Anyways. It should have raised a red flag concerning her mental stability or the possibility that more people were involved. A conviction founded on lies is no conviction at all. Page 50 of Case History If thats what you want then dont pretend its anything but. Regardless of the facts you point out, there is no doubt in my mind that Diane Downs is guilty. Is. Knick never signed the premarital agreement and Diane never married him. Even if the nurses notes indicated countless times that the children asked for their mother and enjoyed her visits, they cut them off from the only family they knew and loved; supposedly for their own protection. This is a fascinating and informative article that has answered some questions I had, and prompted others: 1. The whole family were co-conspirators and involved in the crime? Yes, Christie said she did not know who did it. Diane ran away from her husband many times between 1976 and 1977, but with nowhere to go except her parents house, she would come back. That hurt our family deeply. People have always been wondering about Steve Downs, Danie Downs ex-husband. Mrs. Fredericksons concern for her daughters emotional state was well placed. She was fighting back and they did not like it. Just saw the video of Dianes parole hearing. Detective Antoine also performed a trace metal test on Diane I S hands to detect the presence of trace metals left after someone has touched or held something metallic like a gun (Appendix 65). Oh my. Diane Frederickson was born August 7, 1955 in Phoenix, Arizona. Q. Diane Downs is guilty beyond any doubt and I do not believe that her daughter was coached. Wasnt Mr. F supposed to be a child molester? ..it is quite possible if she was tried in todays world, with the evidence they hadquite possible it would of went differently we been living in a society that pretty much demand 100% pure forensic evidence proven. I refer you to this section of the blog: They claimed to have found two lead cartridges in Dianes rifle at home that supposedly matched the ones used during the crime. The crucial point is that she is so void of emotion. Most get through it fine, maybe some complications or pain, maybe even some post pardum. That they did not test the outside of the car? All smoke and mirrors to fit a certain scenario. You fail to mention what her daughter actually said about her communication with Diane, like Diane telling her that a very powerful person, a secret man, has been watching her, and that if she loved her son she would move away or else her son will grow up to be a murderer. And the flat affect and sometimes inappropriate smiling would come with the territory so you cannot judge her actions without taking into account that she might not have been acting according to the norms. If she did have memories of the actual shooting, that would be very rare. Yes, dad relinquished his rights but he knew that they loved their grandparents and had allowed Diane to take them for a visit without telling the authorities. No, Im not that gullible, Okay, I just read that she faked throwing her keys. So how she behaved at the time, should not have been a factor influencing the authorities. Critics said she deliberately became pregnant in order to garner sympathy from the jury. There are documented cases of suicides where the person has no GNR, as well as murder cases. So, were there any other attempted carjackings in the area that night? You hit the nail on the head by stating that in the US especially, they seem to shun complex ethical problems preferring to deal with absolute evil in order to exert absolute power to crush it. It has become entertainment and there can only be good, bad and evil.

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